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Advanced? notification of payment.

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Advanced? notification of payment.

Hi all.
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As a long serving customer of Madasafish, (they have been my only service provider since day 1 of getting online), I am slightly miffed by the latest problem that has reared it's head.
Today, Sat 29 Nov, I received my "Advanced? Notification of Payment", saying that payment will be taken from my bank on 3 Dec.
While I appreciate that we should ensure there are enough funds to cover payment, sometimes the sticky brown stuff hits the proverbial high speed cooling device. So I telephoned Customer Support to arrange a deferral of payment until 9 Dec. "Sorry" was the reply "It's too late to do that."
So I now have to go to the bank on Monday, which is more than likely too late as well, and attempt to stop the direct debit. So I'm more than likely going to incur a failed direct debit payment charge.
So in view of this, wouldn't it be better to send out the Advanced Notifications a little earlier? As I don't think 1 working day is advanced enough to cater for any eventualities that the customer may experience and make alternative arrangements for payment.
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Re: Advanced? notification of payment.

I will be very surprised if the bank could actually stop the direct debit as it is normally an automated process. On the flip side if you cancel the DD it can cause more problems than it will cure. Although the DD date is the third that may be the day Plusnet send the claim (only Plusnet can confirm), in which case you could have a couple of extra days grace before it hits your account. My Octobers DD was to be claimed on the 15th but it didn't debit to the 16th.