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Account Handling from Customer Services

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Account Handling from Customer Services

On the 3rd January, I made an enquiry as to why my internet connection was failing and slowing down, and it was known to Plusnet that alterations were taking place, but chose not to advise me until under pressure and subsequently a £3.25 credit was to be applied to my account that day.
When I received my January invoice, the credit had not been applied and subsequently I paid the full amount and had to telephone yourselves once more to remind you of the credit.
The credit was finally put in place on the 3rd February, but once again was not applied to the February invoice, and as compensation I was advised by  this would be increased to £7.00 by March 5th by your online helpline.
Today, 7th March the gentleman, said he could only see the £3.25 credit, but was unable to deduct it from the invoice.
I think this is a straight forward situation of mis-leading the customer with promises that do not materlalise and subsequently demonstrates the insincerity Plusnet opportunes itself as opposed to offering a customer service.
On being advised of a number to terminate my service, after a 15 minute wait, (a lot of people have the same opinion as myself), I finally was able to order a MAC number, but was once again, reassured that two months would be credited to my account by Shaunna, but I had to point out to her that this had already been reitterated by other Plusnet staff, and therefore I could not accept that this will happen.
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Re: Account Handling from Customer Services

Good morning, my apologies that the payment was taken when this was promised that you would receive a month free on the account. I refer to the message on the member center which Shaunna has applied. She is currently monitoring your account, from her work on the account she has in fact applied two months on the account free. I also viewed on your account that a MAC code has been ordered these only have a shelf life of 30 days. If the MAC is not used in this time you can call after the expiry date to obtain a new one.
I sincerely apologies that this was not done in the first instance.