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A total FUBAR of an order

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A total FUBAR of an order

Starting on 15/10 I attempted to rejoin PN.

On that date it wouldn't let me create an order since "You already have an account use the portal to change". Now I haven't been a customer for over 2 years.

I contacted @Mook (with who I had been in contact with before) who very nicely sent a message to the admins to see if they could release my account.

On 16/10 I appeared to have worked. I was able to create an order. BUT I was not offered any activation dates or told my speeds.

I got several emails saying everything was progressing and a BLANK one (in Thunderbird, I later managed to view it online).

On the 18th I started getting automated tickets saying my phone line had been rejected then that it had no BB linked to it.

I left a couple of messages on this forum for staff to pick up, but they didn't.

On the 26th (10 days after placing the order) I gave up and phoned PN, waiting for 20 min in the queue.

After being passed to provisioning, it wad decided that my order was kaput! I would have to reorder and wait a further 2 weeks for activation.

Sod that I said, and cancelled the order immediately.

I then went to TT.

Ordered on 26th, got an activation date and speed estimate.

Yesterday I got a text saying that everything was fine and go live was still 9th.


Now it is sad to say but TT's CS and order system actually WORK as apposed to PN's.