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£870 to cancel the contract within 24 hours.

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£870 to cancel the contract within 24 hours.

Well done Plusnet, another disgruntled customer.
I signed up for the Business option 3 plan, transferred from my existing ISP without any problems.  
I started to use the service on the 1st of December, within hours of connecting I became aware of the very restricting throttling on the service.  The following day phone and cancelled the contract and am liable for the remainder of the outstanding 24 month contract, totalling over £800.
When I rang to cancel the contract I was aware that I would incur charges, but being within 7 days I thought I would only be charged the set up / cancellation charges and the line rental to date.  Unfortunately as I signed up for the business plan, despite not being a business it just looked the best option, there is no cooling off period on the contract.
Just a future warning to anyone looking at these business plans for home use.
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Re: £870 to cancel the contract within 24 hours.

Hi Michael
It was good speaking with you this evening. I hope I set the scene and we've identified the underlying issue.
If you add the information to the ticket which we discussed we'll ensure your applications are sorted and receive the priority they need on the network
As promised, if you need me let me know and I look forward to you remaining as a customer for a long time to come. Smiley
Take care.