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5 days to get an internet connection??

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5 days to get an internet connection??

Hi, I'm new.  I'd like to say I was a customer, but am still waiting for my internet connection after 5 days.  On Thursday last week (my going live day) my old provider switched me off.  Connected router etc - no connection.  Phoned customer service, told would have to wait until after midday Friday (next day).  No chance to try again until Saturday morning, nothing, phoned again, told to try later.  Phoned a third time Saturday afternoon, told 'problem at exchange', should be fixed Monday.  Monday evening - you guessed - nothing.  Phoned again.  Told BT problem, status would be updated on WEDNESDAY.  That is a week after I should have been connected, and a week without broadband.  I'm just very thankful I didn't go for the phone as well.  Is this normal?  Is this the level of service I can expect from plusnet?
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: 5 days to get an internet connection??

Hi there,
I've just looked into this and I'm sorry to hear about the delays you've been experiencing here.
To explain in more detail there is a problem with some equipment at your local exchange which is holding back the completion of the order. A maintenance task called a lift and shift needs to be carried out in order to move your line on to different termination equipment.
Our suppliers have scheduled that job to take place on the 17th so I'll make sure I check your account on that date.
In answer to this being normal it's definitely not, I'm sorry that you're in the minority of people affected by this issue which is only specific to activating broadband.

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team