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2nd line now moved over to Plusnet

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2nd line now moved over to Plusnet

Well having had my Business line moved from TT to PS a few weeks ago today my res line was also moved over to PS from TT

Just like the first move I had no problems, kept both numbers and in the case of the business line got a nice 6mb speed increase over what TT gave and I am sure I will see a speed increase on my res line soon.

A big thanks must go to PS agent Anoush Mortazavi who dealt with both moves for me he managed to get my line ID numbers from TT when TT were telling me there was no line ID numbers on the TT system

And thanks also to the members here who helped me with answers when I was thinking of moving

So at the moment I am well happy

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Re: 2nd line now moved over to Plusnet

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Re: 2nd line now moved over to Plusnet

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Re: 2nd line now moved over to Plusnet

Cheers for the feedback and kind words.

I'm glad that everything went through smoothly Thumbs_Up

Feel free to nudge me if you ever need any further assistance at all.

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