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10 days...still no reply...

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Registered: ‎24-11-2010

10 days...still no reply...

I put in a complaint ticket which was actually based on two other problem tickets. One of these tickets took almost a month to close, which tbh would and could have been sorted out in half the time if the plusnet staff had actually replied to it.
My complain ticket is based on the fact that no one actually ever replied!!
Ironically, 10 days have passed and I've had no reply on this new ticket. I thought id actually wait and see how long it took them to reply, but in honesty, id prob be drawing my pension before I got a reply.
How does your quality procedures work correctly when you have people waiting 10 days to get a reply?
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Re: 10 days...still no reply...

Can I suggest that you throw your router in the bin and run off to the woods to become a spoon whittler.  Wink