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Yorkshire Day 2020 - Save It Like Safe Hands

Yorkshire Day 2020 - Save It Like Safe Hands

Yorkshire Day 2020 - Save It Like Safe Hands

Yorkshire Day 2020 - Save It Like Safe Hands

August 1st is just around the corner. This year, we're celebrating Yorkshire Day by giving the entire nation the gift of great value - the Yorkshire way. That's why we've teamed up with legendary goalkeeper and King of Saving, David Seaman, to publish the Yorkshireman's guide to value.




The book, Save It Like Safe Hands, includes top tips and tricks for bagging a bargain and getting more value from all aspects of life, based on David's world-class saving abilities and thrifty Yorkshire upbringing. With people from God's Own Country being known for their savvy spending habits and straight-talking attitude, the guide will help the rest of the nation save cash the 'Yorkshire way'.

The book takes a tour through David's life as a savvy saver, covering a range of money-saving tips from Yorkshire's biggest expert in saving – from his younger days bartering for scraps in the chippy to his football days sweet-talking for second-hand cars.

Chapters include:

  • The Savvy Speaker: How to talk your way to a good deal the friendly Yorkshire Way. As David says, "every 'no' is a step further towards a 'yes' "
  • Bagging a Bargain: David's ultimate tips for shopping around, comparing prices, and never paying more than you have to
  • Knowing Your Worth: How repeat custom and loyalty equals friendly freebies - from getting to know your butcher to out-dealing a dealer
  • Turning Pennies to Pounds: How David's Yorkshire upbringing helps him make every day small savings and turn pennies into pounds (did you know you can get two brews from a teabag?)

We're celebrating Yorkshire's love for great value by offering Brits across the nation a chance to download the book for free at the link below, as well as chance to win a physical copy from @plusnet on Twitter.



Download your copy of Save It Like Safe Hands

The celebrations don't stop there

We're taking 25% off the price of our broadband for the period of 15th July - 4th August - available for £17.99 per month.

Terms apply, visit to get this great Yorkshire Day deal.