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What you need to be watching this Christmas

What you need to be watching this Christmas

What you need to be watching this Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner and these dark evenings are a perfect excuse to put your cosy socks on, pour a hot chocolate and park yourself in front of the TV as soon as you get home. If you’re not yet feeling festive just yet, we’ve got just the thing to get you in the mood.

The Holiday Calendar 

Out now

We can’t deny the warm feeling we get from watching romance evolve at Christmas time - Love Actually is a classic for a reason after all.

The Holiday Calendar is a Netflix original rom com, which sees a struggling photographer inherit an antique advent calendar that appears to predict her future. Mix this with an old friend of hers returning from his travels and we have a story that leads to love.


The Princess Switch 

Out now

Another Netflix original, this feel good comedy follows the style of The Parent Trap and tells an emotional story about dreams vs. reality.

Vanessa Hudgens plays two characters, one a regular baker craving a princess fairy-tale and the other a Duchess searching for normality. When they cross paths at a party, they decide to switch lives for a few days around Christmas time. But the question is, do they want to switch back?


The Christmas Chronicles

Out 22nd November

This film has the same producer as Home Alone. We repeat; the SAME producer as Home Alone. That’s when you know it’s going to be good.

After setting up a camera to catch Santa arriving on Christmas Eve, a brother and sister sneak into his sleigh and end up going on an all night journey exceeding their wildest dreams. When they accidently cause Santa’s sleigh to crash they set about working with him and his elves to save Christmas.

A funny and magical story starring Kurt Russell playing a savvy, straight-talking St.Nick.


A Christmas Prince: A Royal Wedding 

Out 30th November

Fittingly announced the day before Meghan and Harry got married, the successful movie ‘A Christmas Prince’ will return this festive season with the sequel ‘A Royal Wedding’.

The original film followed a journalist who was sent to the fictional country Aldovia to report on the Royal Family, and ends up falling in love with the playboy Prince. All we know about the sequel is that the future Queen struggles with her insecurities on whether she is fit to take on the role, as the future King tackles political drama with a scandal threatening the monarchy.


Not forgetting...

Love Actually, Grinch, Bad Santa (1 & 2) and Maria Carey’s Merry Christmas are all on Netflix right now!


Great British Baking Show: Holidays

Out 30th November

Sugar and spice and all things nice, one of the most beloved TV series’ will have a one off Holiday episode starring guest judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith. Get ready for a sudden rush of sweet tooth as they welcome some of our favourite bakers for a festive bake-off!


Nailed It: Holiday

Out 7th December

Watch bakers struggle in the kitchen as they bake up some deliciously awful holiday treats. Something we can all relate to?

This popular and funny food show is releasing a six episode holiday themed series, spreading holiday cheer whilst some less-than-perfect bakers attempt to create Hanukkah cakes, edible arctic creatures and more.



Netflix will be showing the best Christmas episodes from all of your favourite sit coms and series’ including Friends, The Office, Glee, Gossip Girl and more.

Did someone say crack open the mince pies and put the turkey in the oven already?

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