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Spotify has landed

Spotify has landed

Spotify has landed

Today saw the official launch of the world's newest on-line music service, Spotify. Spotify Logo Described by some as "", or by Spotify themselves as:

An innovative digital music service offering music fans instant access to a world of music. Spotify enables on-demand streaming of audio content and aim to combat music piracy by offering a superior user experience, while monetising licensed content with both an ad-supported, free-to-the-user model and a premium, paid model. Spotify brings fans closer to the music and artists they love, and provides a marketplace for additional products such as live events, music downloads and more.

We reckon Spotify is pretty interesting eitherway.

Entering such a competitive market is never easy, but a number of Plusnetters have already had a sneak preview and the feedback (even with the adverts on the free version) has been pretty conclusive. Spotify has the potential to not only meet pretty much every music lovers listening requirements, it might also change the way people find and listen to music forever.  The big drawback for Spotify of course is that the music is streamed rather than downloaded, and as such you need to be connected to listen. This however doesn't seem to have been much of a drawback in our testing, and as data gets ever more mobile one has to wonder how much of a barrier it will be. If anyone else has a Spotify login feel free to have a listen to our very own products team playlist and share your own in our forums. 


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lol @ Rick Astley Wink
Bob is the winner.
Annoyingly bits of the site don't work in some browsers such as Chrome or Opera, I think they need to do some good Beta testing Smiley
I noticed that the invite javascript failed to work in Firefox 3.0.3. I had to use IE8 instead to send an invite.
Hi! We thought it would be great with a place where you can share your Spotify playlists, rate them and and enjoy others. So we made one: Check it out!! Here is a freaking brilliant playlist that you may enjoy while checking it out: See you on the flipside! Peace // Adam & Philip
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Just been taking a look at the PlusNet playlist having recently installed Spotify, and I was impressed to find that someone's added something by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Whoever added it should investigate more of their music - they've created some pretty quirky compositions (with equally quirky names - Salty Bean Fumble, anyone?).
A great new Community for all people using Spotify! BeSpotify