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Plusnet to sponsor Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5

Plusnet to sponsor Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5

Plusnet to sponsor Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5

celeb_big_bro Celebrity Big Brother returns to Channel 5 on January 5th for a three week run, and we're delighted to announce that the show will be sponsored by Plusnet Broadband and Home Phone. If you're a fan of the series then you can expect to see us featuring not only on the main programme, but also on sister show 'CBB’s Bit On The Side', the official Facebook site, as well as on mobile and tablet applications. The Launch Night of 2011 Celebrity Big Brother was Channel 5’s highest rating show of 2011 with audiences peaking at 5.6m so this is an excellent opportunity for us to increase awareness about the Plusnet brand. Agostino Di Falco, Partnerships Director, Channel 5  said:

“Celebrity Big Brother will reach more young adults than any other programme in January. The show kick starts Channel 5's year, and it's great to see Plusnet thinking along the same lines in developing this partnership.”

Whilst Nick Rawlings, our very own Commercial Director, had this to say:

“We’re delighted to be kicking-off 2012 with such a cracking TV sponsorship and bringing our brand to a whole new audience.”

For those that love the show, you'll find all the latest Channel 5 and Big Brother news at: As for those that loathe it, I suppose you've always got Dancing On Ice! Wink

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Seasoned Pro
I can understand why PlusNet is doing this, but I hope it doesn't affect your excellent service. I still won't be watching CBB ! Well, perhaps just the first one to see who's in it !
Can Big Brother/Plusnet stoop any lower or are they a match made in heaven
Rising Star
“Celebrity Big Brother will reach more young adults than any other programme in January." Surely most young adults still live at home and have little or no control over who their phone/broadband supplier is!?
I cannot how Celebrity Big Brother is going to help Plus Net. I is a programme well past it's sell by date and I can see this being a complete waste of money.
There will be less watching this year as channel 5 have refused to listen to the fans and bring back the 24/7 live feed.
It seems to me that CBB is the perfect example of the old saying that "no-one ever lost money through underestimating the taste of the British public" Smiley
Just browsing
Can see why they want to reach more audiences but really - BB?! Next will be X Factor to make the humiliation complete.
Rising Star
What about the Big Fat Gypsy wedding series if you want to really go down market? Blimey PlusNet has changed since the BT mob have taken over.
I didn't know Plus Net was part of BT before I signed up - I hate BT for stifling anything to do with the internet - and now I find they're sponsoring this pile of ****. Think I'll be looking for a new ISP soon. I here BE is good.
I was extremely disappointed to receive emails today announcing this ridiculous promotion. I have therefore changed my preferences so that I won't receive any more emails from you. I left BT because I cannot tolerate their dreadful selling tactics. Now it seems that I will be driven away from PlusNet, too.
This is enough to make me change broadband supplier - I don't want my money to be used to cater to mankind's lowest instincts.
My previous message objecting to this sponsorship didn't seem to get through. Why would the good honest folk of Plusnet wish to associate themselves with a programme that has breached both OFCOM and ICSTIS rules?
Rising Star
If they have money to throw at that crap then give it back to customers instead.
If Plusnet is wasting money on this rubbish possibly time to consider new ISP.
Yes, I'm thinking about switching too. It's the only way of getting the ivory towers to listen.
Good job I don't judge PN to be as bad as BB, or I would be moving. Just makes me wonder at the mentality of PN for doing this better to sponsor one of the mainstream soaps.
Community Veteran
Unless PlusNet are planning to expand into the mobile telecoms market I can't see that many of this large number of 'young adults' being that interested in this advertising.
Are you seriouse to me this is starting to lower your company credability. to sponser a reality show !!!!! Disgrace I would rather have lower prices and faster speeds. spend your money on improving service. not advertising that no inteligent person will ever see.