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Plusnet raises nearly £5000 for local charity

Plusnet raises nearly £5000 for local charity

Plusnet raises nearly £5000 for local charity


Back in March we launched a promotion to raise some money for Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity. As well as the broadband promotion, we also took part in Theo's 10k run, auctioned off an executive box at Sheffield Wednesday and went round the office with good old fashioned collection buckets to get some more money in the kitty.

In total we raised £4900.01 for the hospital and I had the pleasure of delivering a giant cheque to them yesterday -

I'd like to personally thank everyone who made a contribution and supported the fundraising team. I'd also like to pass on this message from Fran Hunt, Fundraiser @ Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity:

"Everybody at the Charity is so grateful for Plusnet's fantastic support and generous donation - not only will it fund a complete Patient Interactive Unit, but there is money left over for a healthy contribution to our DEXA scanner appeal.  This really will make a valuable difference to the Hospital and our young patients.

Its on their behalf that we'd like to say 'Thank you Plusnet' - we are really proud of your support."

Thanks again to everyone who contributed - I might even do the run again next year if we can raise plenty more money!

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"No comments" ? I'm amazed. This kind of support ought to be well received. Where are all my PlusNet co-members' comments? Well done and congratulations to all involved.
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Well done Plusnet!! Any charity work is great Smiley
I want to know who donated the penny? Kirkland?!?! Well done to all involved for raising a great sum of money for a very worthwhile cause.
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Hi folks, great result and well done excellent news. As a long term plusnet customer we too would value any support in the future please. Imagine being suddenly paralysed and in a wheelchair for the rest of your life! This happens 4 times every day in the UK to people involved in normal daily activities and average age of just 19. In memory of Paul-André Blundell (PA) TRUST PA is working to change this by funding the testing of safe new treatments to repair damaged spinal cord and restore sensation and movement to men, women and children paralysed by spinal cord injury. Help us make treatments available in NHS Hospitals as soon as possible. The results of this work will also help; Nerve Deafness, Nerve Blindness, Alzheimers, Stroke and Parkinson's so to complete the trials successfully in the next few years is vitally important and we need every ones help please? Please see the website with lots of info and ways to help - some involving NO effort like web shopping via; TRUST PA Reg. Charity No.1093038 Thanks in anticipation Rob Charity Director