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Plusnet TV: Brad and Mike

Plusnet TV: Brad and Mike
How does anyone find the answers to simple questions? When I phone in I get far too much information of what may be possible if one can connect with one's website. If one is seeking a connection all the 'spiel' is just wasting time! Right now I got the same message from Carol Axe Friday and Monday! So the cancellation fees are to be increased from £5 something to £20 and you blame B.T. Dear Carol Axe, re-New Cancellation Charges ( As usual your message concerning the increase of cancellation fees brought about by B.T. came to me twice. This time spread over three days! If I were to move house, (your service being of a superior nature) would I not want to have it continue in my new location? Would I still need to pay cancellation charges before a re-connection could be established? Then I wonder how much my executors would be charged for cancellation when I die? Which I might whilst hanging on to the interminable and irrelevant messages one needs to endure whilst waiting to speak with 'an advisor!'
Hi Philip, I'm sorry you received the same message twice. If you were to move house, we offer the ability to defer the house move and cancellation charge, so that you wouldn't have to pay that charge if you stayed with us for another 18 months. James
@James - deferred contract is now for 18 months? Then you need to change as this still states 12 months.
@s_d_c Those changes aren't due to go though until October 29th. It opnly for house moves after that point as the increase deferred cost and duration is to take into account the cease charge which we're not charging for until this point.