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Plusnet Joins Government Business Broadband Scheme

Plusnet Joins Government Business Broadband Scheme

Plusnet Joins Government Business Broadband Scheme


Here at Plusnet we love helping UK business, so we’re proud to announce that we’ve joined a scheme to help small businesses get faster speeds by upgrading to Superfast Fibre Optic Broadband. Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) is a government initiative that aims to create 22 “SuperConnected Cities” across the UK in 2015, along with providing Superfast Broadband to 95% of the country by 2017. By participating in the scheme, we will be helping more UK businesses take advantage of the benefits of Superfast Broadband - faster communication, increased productivity, efficiency and reliability, and the freedom to create new business opportunities. The scheme helps by offering businesses a £120 reduction, towards the cost of upgrading to fibre.  The £120 discount will be passed on to our customers in the form of a reduction to the monthly subscription. This is available to both new and existing customers providing they meet the following requirements:

  • Located within an eligible area of one of the 22 cities taking part in the scheme. Each customer must check their postcode at to find out if their eligible.
  • They are a SME, registered charity, social enterprise or sole trader.
  • The connection is for the main business premises. Businesses can apply for a connection at home if this is their main work base, but this does not apply if they work from home occasionally.
  • The Superfast Broadband service they select must deliver a minimum speed of 30Mb. If on an existing Superfast Broadband service of 30Mb or greater, they can qualify for the scheme if the upgraded Superfast Broadband service delivers at least twice the speed of the current service.
  • Employs less than 249 people or volunteers.
  • Have a turnover of less than £41m and/or have a balance sheet of less than £35.5m.
  • Have received less than £120k in public grants in the last 3 years.
  • Do not have a parent company or linked enterprise which does not meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Each business can only qualify for 1 voucher to their main business premises. If they have multiple offices, they cannot receive grants for each location.

Find out more about the technology by checking our handy guide about what is fibre optic broadband


Andy Baker, CEO at Plusnet, commented:


“At Plusnet we are really proud to champion small businesses. “We know that reliable fast broadband is such an important element of any business, and supporting this scheme is a fantastic chance for us to give the businesses that make up the backbone of the UK economy a helping hand.”

Customers who qualify for the BDUK Connection Vouchers scheme will still be eligible for Plusnet’s great Fibre discounts so call us today on 0800 0232221to see if you can get Fibre from as little as £2.99*. For more information about the BDUK Scheme visit *Available to new Plusnet Business customers eligible for the BDUK Scheme who sign up to a 24 month contract and take Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Business Broadband with Plusnet Business Line Rental.  For customers signing up by 24th March 2015 by calling Plusnet. Eligibility criteria applies; call Plusnet for details. For Unlimited Business Fibre Broadband with the BDUK Scheme, if you are located in a low cost area and take Plusnet Business Line Rental at £10.50 a month you pay £2.99 a month for the first 12 months, then £33.00 a month from month 13 (otherwise £7.99 a month for the first 12 months, then £38.00 a month from month 13). Router delivery of £4.99 applies, should you choose one. Prices exclude VAT at 20%. Plusnet plc, Registered Office: The Balance, 2 Pinfold Street, Sheffield, S1 2GU. Registered in England no: 3279013. Plusnet plc. All rights reserved. 

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So Plusnet are going to help small businesses by upgrading to superfast broadband. I hope that the superfast broadband they upgrade to won't be like the Superslow Broadband being rolled out in Cornwall. We've been waiting 4-5 years for BT Openreach to reach our village, with constant messages saying they're working on it. Yeah! Right! Believe that, and you'd believe anything. It would be nice to have regular download speeds greater than 3mps, and upload speeds greater than 0.3mps. I wonder if Plusnet has any clout with BT to hurry them up a bit? Or do we just take it for granted that (like so many businesses down here in the SW) its all part of the "dreckly" - ie Manyana - network?!
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I have contacted Plusnet every day since I migrated from BT to get an improved Broadband connection. Although we discussed the fact that the cabinet that provides my connection is fibre enabled, Plus net could not provide anything other than standard BB due to the distance from the cabinet to the property. Imagine my surprise when I found out that 2 of my neighbours get 3X and 6X my download, why because they are connected to the same cabinet, using the same lines but through BT using a service called Unlimited FASTER broadband.
The rollout plans are not something we can influence unfortunately, the best place to check for updates is which gives the latest information.
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Feel pretty sure Chris Parr meant "rollout plans are NOT something we can influence" Robert - you have my sympathy, but I'm guessing the data released by Openreach may be late or delayed (or if it comes via e-mail, perhaps a message was lost/ mishandled, and didn't update the Plus.Net db regarding exchanges)... Perhaps someone at Plus.Net can say whether they get (say) quarterly downloads of the status for all exchanges (as well as intermediate status updates) please ? If updates from Openreach come out in dribs and drabs, then without a 'complete download' once in a while, each ISP could have slight differences from each other, and none of them 100% aligned with what Openreach has in its own 'master' database.
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Hi I would just like to comliment Plus Net for adding you tube instructions on doing different things on the system, it makes it so much easier to be able to see how things are done. So a big congratulations from me
Hi Kevin, Thanks for the positive feedback on the YouTube videos at