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Get the polish out … we've won more awards from uSwitch

Get the polish out … we've won more awards from uSwitch

Get the polish out … we've won more awards from uSwitch

It's time for us to clear a space on the Plusnet mantelpiece and fetch the polish, as we went home from the uSwitch Broadband Awards 2012 last night with not just one, but four, new awards. Read on to find out more about the uSwitch Broadband Awards 2012 and the trophies we picked up.

What we won:

At last night's uSwitch Broadband Awards, we won:

  • Best Customer Rated Broadband Provider
  • Best Value Home Broadband
  • Most Reliable Service
  • Most Likely to be Recommended

We’re chuffed with our new awards, especially because the categories we excelled in are directly voted for by the general public. What's more, we took home more gongs than BT, Talk Talk, Virgin or Sky.

All in all, winning new awards shows us that we're getting things right. But don't worry - we won't be getting complacent anytime soon. We're working to make our service even better. And hopefully, by buckling down, we'll be able to add even more awards to our collection in future.

How we celebrated:

We celebrated winning by getting ready for our close up - and being photographed with The Inbetweeners' very own Greg Davies. Check out our slideshow to see photos from the night:

What's been said:

Jamie Ford, our CEO, spoke for us at Plusnet when he said:

"It’s fantastic to be recognised with four awards.  We’re especially proud to get the award for ‘most likely to recommend.

"As a company, we are committed to delivering the best service we can and this suggests many of our customers must be happy with the service we provide."

And Ernest Doku of uSwitch added that the awards are extremely competitive and most are voted for by the general public - meaning it's a real honour to win.

He said:

"These awards show that in a competitive market, some providers are managing to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons, making it a compelling reason for consumers to select the right package.

"Our awards are predominantly voted for by customers who can provide an honest and objective opinion of their providers. Overall, as consumers we should always bear in mind to do our homework to ensure that we get the right package, at the right price."


Why we won:

  • Best Customer Rated Provider of 2012 We're really pleased that you voted us the best broadband provider of 2012, as it shows us we're getting things right on both the broadband and customer service fronts.We've done a lot to make sure our customer services stand out from the crowd for the right reasons, and it's great to see that you approve.We think you voted for us because:
  • Unlike other broadband providers, we’re always up front and honest about everything we do. In fact, our customers moderate our forums - so what you read hasn't been edited by us.
  • Our call centre advisors don't follow scripts. We always treat our customers as individuals because we’ve grown from a small, local, friendly company.
  • We are committed to solving any queries quickly, where possible in just one call.
  • We’re not just in the business of making sales; we reward our staff for delivering good customer service and making sure that our customers get broadband package that's best for them.
  • We take your feedback on board and, every month, we ask 4,000 customers how we’re doing.
  • We’re always here to help. Our friendly, UK-based, customer service teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - online and on our free phone number.
  • Best Value Home Broadband 2012

We promise our customers that we won't be beaten on price, so we hoped that we'd be a shoo-in for this award.As part of our Plusnet price promise, we guarantee that you won't find cheaper standalone broadband. And if you do find a cheaper quote, we promise we'll match it.As well as promising you the lowest prices for standalone broadband, we offer cheap phone and broadband packages and cheap fibre optic broadband - and that's why we think you voted us.

  • Most Reliable Service

While we like to keep things running smoothly, we've also been working hard to make our support services top notch, so if you can get back online asap if you're ever disconnected.We've done this by introducing Plusnet Assist - a tool that watches out for and fixes broadband connection problems, and by putting helpful tutorial and support materials at your fingertips for you to reference.We like to think that this is one of the reasons why you said that we've got the most reliable service.

  • Most likely to be recommended

Our broadband's won awards for being good value and for being reliable, so we're not surprised that you've been recommending us to your friends. With our recommend a friend scheme, it's easy to send your mates our way - and you'll benefit too. Basically, we give you a discount off your monthly bill for every friend you recommend. And, depending on how many people sign up, you could even end up making a profit. That's another reason why we think that you voted us.

Did you vote for us to win an uSwitch Award? What do you think of our new awards? Please let us know by leaving a comment below …

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Well done Plus Net you deserve it. I am sat here a little puzzled though how you get an award for 2012 when we are only 18 days into the year LOL
@BRABUS, thanks and good point! I've amended the copy to remove the reference to 2012 in the awards list.
Thoroughly deserved. I've stumbled along for years with sub 500MBp.s. speed then someone suggested you. I am thrilled, and better off financially, especially as 2 of my friends have now changed to Usenet. I can watch YouTube now!!
well done plus net best thing i have done switching over to plusnet after being with a.o.l which was no bother until they sold out to talk talk an moved over to india and was a nightmare getting to leave them and trying to solve problems trying to explain to someone that cannot understand you (plus i am paying half the price) continue the good service you provide and exellent customer service and i will definitly recomend yous, dont lose your identity
congrats plus net...
Obviously some kickbacks somewhere along the line.
Hi professor, Not sure what you mean there? The awards we won were all voted for by the public. Jojo Smiley
Very well deserved Plusnet. Congratulations, the hard work you all put in pays off again.
A good service Plus Net, but an award from uswitch does not look good.
How? Been with Plusnet since September and so for I've had about 1 week of stable internet connection. Worst ISP I have ever been with!
Hi Tomos, I've one of our faults team picking this up for you. Jojo Smiley
Well done well deserved. Best ISP I've ever been with. I'm sorry if the poster above has had a bad time but you must be one of very few. You don't win awards for being bad.
so many awards for what? do remind me crap service.oh yes thats it. unstable is not the word, its in a bloody coma. one of the worst isp ive come across, wait till my 12 months is off.
Hi David, sorry to hear you're having problems. Have you a recent support ticket reference so one of us can see if there's anything we can do to help?
I know by experience that these comments are picked and shown therefore this one won't be, however i would like to state that when i first joined plusnet from sky i was very happy with this service. However after 3 months of service i find myself more and more disapointed with it, constant lies and catching staff out on what they say is wrong with my broadband. I am now being forced to step aside with many others and go back to sky... I feel so sorry to leave what could be a great company however i'm left with no choice, constant contredicting company promises.
Thanx to all the comments above that i've just read, i'm much more happier now knowing that i'm not the only one that is VERY disapointed with plusnet and if this award is for this year how did you manage such a thing such a short time into the year... Talk about being dishonest to your customers I shall be glad to put the papers right on this one and by all means change your t.v add as you are no where close to being the best and reliable broadband and thats just customer service
Hi Lee, similarly to what I said to David - If you've a recent support ticket reference then one of us can take a look and see if there's anything we can do for you?
Lee, the awards take place annually. We won four last year too - I fail to see how we're being dishonest by announcing the awards we won this year? Anyway, as above, happy to look into any problems you may be having?
i am not happy at all it says my wireless network runs out on 6th of february and ive just tried and got on the internet and it says i carnt get on it cause i need to pay my bill i am not happy at all next time i get internet i will get from sky cause there not rip offs like you lot plusnet i think you need to help me i think you need to get me a new wireless box what isnt faulty or ring someone up to come out cheers x
Plus Net are the broadband company that ive had the misfortune to subscribe to. If the system/internet is down how can get on the xbox live network AND some features but not all on my phone. they are full of crap! as soon as i can i will be terminating my contract and shifting to Sky! Change your adverts as well! Hypocrites!
anybody having trouble getting online?
Sorry to hear you're having problems Dawn. If the Internet is down then of course you won't be able to get on Xbox Live. What makes you say we're hypocrites? If you've contacted our helpdesk and have a support ticket reference then I'll happily look into your problems to see if there's anything I can do to help? As it's the end of the day though, I might not be around until after the weekend ...
I am sorry but I have no access at present and after being told it would be resolved very quickly (it's a widespread problem) I am trying to find out what is happening.I am currently on hold (47 minutes and counting) so clearly there are many others who are suffering? Perhaps you should spend more money on engineers instead of paying that fella from the adverts to make a fool out of himself. He isn't funny and neither is the lack of internet access.
It strikes me that there are a few of Mr Murdoch's trolls on here, with all that praise lavished onto Sky. Me, I'm a refugee from Talk Talk, definitely the worst company I've ever had to deal with. I was with Freedom to Surf who were a good little company until T-T bought them out, at which point the service plummeted. Trying to get the mac key out of them was a mission in itself. Now I know why Ofcom consider them to be the worst ISP for customer complaints. So, all you Murdoch fans, just be thankful you weren't with T-T.
Sorry about the problems Joe, you should find that everything's back to normal now. In case you weren't aware, you can sign up to receive Service Status updates over here -
l have to say l have been very dissapointed with pn also, initially changing from sky after a year, and l,m not a murdock troll or fan at all, virgin for 4yr prior, changed to pn to economise, but got extra charges in first 2month due to exceeding logb limit,paid more than for sky or virgin, upped to 60gb at extra cost,be it l seem to use l5-20gb only, so bills approx same as with other two now, actually more if l take into account their current discounts, average bill 28-30 pound and slower speed, plus tvbox with sky, also learn if l cancel even without contract lve nr 100pound to pay. Just read a report in paper from offcom putting pn at bottom of list behind the 2bt,2virgin,sky and karoo re speed received, against the speed offered, at simular prices, states avegage speed generally this year is 7.4mb, pn 3mb, these are not my figures or sky,s, but offcom. Ironically l,m not a heavy user of internet, dont downstream, game, just emails, surf a bit, so not that bothered about it being a bit slow, just resent paying as much as l would to the other isp,s
Just to get my oar in. I can't fault Plusnet at all. No probs in 2 years. Only time it went down it was a fault on the BT line. Also it is faster now that I have a new Dell laptop.Had a software prob sometime back and it was down to Microsoft Office 2000 no being compatable with the Dell's 64 bit system. After an hour on to Dell support (in India)they finally sussed this out. They should have known this and it was an 0844 number to boot.Tis good that Plusnet is U.K.based support and on a 0800 number.Unfortunately they can't be competative with big brother (BT) on price for anytime calls and line rental or a would have moved to Plusnet. I raised a ticket on this software prob but its not fair on Plusnet to tackle such things but cheers for the help and pass it on to the girl who tried to help me and what caused the problem.. At least we sussed out that the old 32 bit software is not always compatable with the 64 bits. Cheers Martin
@twitchy14, I read that Ofcom report with interest, although the findings don't really mirror the speeds our customers tell us they're experiencing. It's also a tad disappointing that our Fibre product which offers speeds of up to 40Mb/s was not included in the study. Last year, we brought the best value Fibre Broadband to the market which has seen our customers' speeds increase significantly – According to a survey we carried out in March last year, 74 per cent of customers who previously experienced speeds of 2-12Mbps were receiving speeds of 30Mbps or more with Plusnet Fibre. We also have trialists taking part in 80Mbps and 100Mbps FTTC and FTTP trials. What does a line check here tell you? - If you think that you're not achieving the speeds your line is capable of then I'll happily take a look at your account to see if there's anything I can do to help? You'd need to provide me with your account username or a recent support ticket reference from your account though. At sign-up, we provide an individual speed test and will then undertake a second test within two weeks of an account being active. If you're falling significantly short of the estimated speed then we'll do our best to sort it out and despatch an engineer if necessary. While faster speeds are a bonus, the quality of users’ experience is just as important. Our traffic prioritisation is aimed at ensuring your 'time-sensitive' services like streaming, gaming and VoIP don't suffer when things get busy.
Congrats Well done for 4 more awards After being with talk talk (and there no help customer service ) It was great changing over to pn the line problem I had was sorted out in the first month . ( Talk Talk couldn't sort the problem out at all just kept saying reset the router ). Only wish we could get better speed (1mbps - 2.8 mbps)
well i live in whitehaven cumbria and am new to plusnet and am finding them great. well done plusnet and thanks
I'm a happy customer but couldn't resist saying: No Award for speed in providing MAC's yet!!!!!!!!!!!
i think its a rip off going to move over to virgin media u get all 3 for 35
Do you know that there is a wesite call plusnet is rubbish. The reason I know this is that these two words are whAT i TYPED IN IN FRUSTRATION to goggle search. I will not go into my problem as I have not a spare 2 hours. I do so wish that Plusnet would not look for adulation and consentrate on the people that they are failing. This is not someone looking for high speed internet, just a phone that can be used. My father is 82 and I feel that I have so failed him by getting plusnet for his provider.
"Get the polish out" I know you are a proud British/Yorkshire firm, but this might be a step too radical for an advertising campaign.
@shaun, I'd disagree that we're a rip-off when we offer the cheapest standalone broadband in the UK - @toni, I'm aware of a few sites from aggrieved ex-customers. We'll never please everybody but we do try our best. I'm happy to help look into your father's problems but you will need to give me something that will allow me to locate his account and an idea as to what's wrong? @Karl, it's not an ad-campaign. It's a blog post. I understand the inference you're making but rest assured it's not intended that way (thus the lack of a leading capital letter).
WOW. Some of the above comments are a bit scary as I have just signed up with plus net,but admiration for publishing the bad as well as the good. Ray.
Hi Ray, Welcome aboard. Yes, sometimes things do go wrong, but we'll always endeavour to do our best to make it right if it does. Jojo Smiley
Hi i have been with Plusnet for a long while now and am very pleased with them.Any problems i have had (only two)have been dealt with very quickly.
Well I've been with Plusnet for 4 years and have hardly had any problems - any I have had were resolved quickly. I find them an open and honest company and would have no problem recommending them. Well done.
Like a VIRGIN getting Broadbandfor the very 1st time. Feeling a little Green but want to be ORANGE and want to avoid SKY high prices and bad customer services and INDIAN call centres like BT. I would like to advise all the people out there if you have not decided YET you can TALK TALK to BRITAINS NO 1 Award winning Broaband provider called PLUSNET.