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vpn router ?

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vpn router ?

Hello everyone

Can someone with more knowledge than I, answer me a few questions  please ?

Is it possible to keep the plusnet hub one, and use it for connecting the kids pads/computers Wi-Fi to  BBCiplayer and other as well as being the modem/router connected the fibre out BUT for me to connect a new Wi-Fi router to the plusnet one, but for this to be a vpn enabled router.

I realise the Wi-Fi settings would need to be changed to not conflict with each other, but does the second vpn router (connected to plusnet one via cable) still function as a vpn (and devices connected  to it) if the final modem (plusnet one) is not vpn (not possible) ?

Sorry that was a bit long winded, but can a vpn provider still work, if the signals you wish to vpn, go through a non vpn device (plusnet one))

Is this what a pass through setting is ?

If it is possible would we then have 2 ssid's one for the adult vpn connection passing throw the plusnet one

(children's Wi-Fi).

Is this possible, or am I just dreaming ?

any help much appreciated.


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Re: vpn router ?

I think that it not possible, if you want advanced features (like VPN and separate SSID's) buy your own kit and leave the hub one in a cupboard as a spare.


Your shopping list

ADSL/VDSL (if on fibre) router


SSID separation


I would have thought a draytek or ASUS may do all of the above (and more)



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Re: vpn router ?

Actually yes it is possible, just get yourself a suitable cable router, plug its WAN port into a LAN port of the Hub One and off you go. You may have to change the IP address range on one of the routers so they don't clash, and use a Wi-Fi analyser to make sure the Wi-Fi channels of each router don't clash with each other, or any others in the area.

The techy people will warn about double natting, which with a VPN and some other applications may cause you problems, but until you try you won't know.