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turn off at night

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turn off at night

Hi All

My Wife hates things being left on at night and despite my assurances that it would be fine we have always turned off our router overnight. There doesnt appear to have been any effect on speed and it usually connects at around 11mb with a speed test resuly of about 9.5 which is better than the Plusnet estimate of 6 - 7 for our line.

I have recently ordered fibre and a new Hub One arrived the other day. So far performance has been the same as our old router on ADSL but is there any reason it may suffer on VDSL once the switch over is completed if we contimue to turn it off overnight?


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Re: turn off at night

it shouldn't do

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Re: turn off at night

Hi there.


I'd say it should be fine

As I don't think the software in the exchange will intervene (slow your speeds down) over a couple of drops a day. With that said, it's worth noting if that does happen on fibre, it generally takes longer for the connection to recover than on ADSL.

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Re: turn off at night

the most likely consequence of turning off every night is early failure of the router or its power supply. Surge currents on power up will increase stress on the power supply. Electronic components are also more susceptible to failure on power  on.

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