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setting up a guest wifi network

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setting up a guest wifi network

I am a foster carer and will need the ability to very occasionally switch off the children's internet without affecting the whole household.

I suppose setting up a "guest wifi" might work but I think I read that a plusnet modem can't have two separate wifi accounts?

If this is correct, should I change the modem. Indeed, can a non plusnet modem work with plusnet broadband.

Apologies that my tech knowledge is weak.

Thank you for your help


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Re: setting up a guest wifi network

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Re: setting up a guest wifi network


Whilst tech savvy children can by-pass it you can set up times when specific wireless devices are locked out from accessing the Internet. If you tell us which hub you have then more detailed advice can be given.

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Re: setting up a guest wifi network

Possibly the best way of disabling access would be to change the wireless password/key. Then change it back when access is permitted. A bit of inconvenience for others (who could change the settings, if their wireless devices are intelligent enough) but it achieves the aim.