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router or modem/router ?

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router or modem/router ?

hi guys ,

 my current plusnet router is just awful for wifi , so im looking to buy my own hub...

so do i need a router or a modem/router. i have fttc , fibre optic around 45mb.

ive heard tp link or netgear are compatible to use with plusnet, but i just need some techy advice on which one to buy .

budget is £100 - £200



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Re: router or modem/router ?

@dimparcio  Welcome to the forum.

You need a combined VDSL modem/router.

You will probably get as many different recommended devices as replies. It depends on what additional bells and whistles you require like VPN capability and guest networks.

If all you want is a replacement Hub One with better and more stable wifi then go onto an auction site such as Ebay and spend about £20 on a BT Smarthub 6. Setting instructions are here:

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Re: router or modem/router ?

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Re: router or modem/router ?

I had a Netgear DN200 VDSL modem and R6400 wifi router working with Plusnet until 2018. I wouldn't buy a separate modem and router again - it complicates configuration enormously. (The R7000 is the combined version of my kit.)

When I moved house I found it wouldn't work reliably with BT TV (it was OK before I moved) so I switched to using the Plusnet Hub 1 - which has much poorer wifi. So don't get a Netgear router if you have or might want to get BT TV (IPTV).

If I needed better wifi (I don't) and I still needed BT TV (which depends on what football matches they have) I would get a BT Hub of some sort.