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router no internet connection

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Registered: ‎15-04-2019

router no internet connection

hi, last couple of weeks the router is losing internet connection , lights all flashing away then it comes back on and my internet speed drops from 17 down to 3 or 4 meg , if i reset it again the speed goes back up to were it normally is, then itll lose internet connection again ,when its running ok i have no issues with wifi or cable,its a plusnet hub one and its connected into a bt open reach socket , no filter, and that has been installed for years with no problems ,the router sits on its own nowere near anything else electrical,with a 2 foot cable into the master socket

any ideas 

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: router no internet connection

Hi @gazzer1230

Sorry to hear you're having connection issues. I have run tests on your line and we've detected an external fault that's more than likely will be the thing causing the broadband issues. I have raised the fault up with our suppliers who have given us the standard 2 working day turn around time and estimated response time of 18/04/2019 by 23:59. Keeping in mind this is the very latest an engineer would be out to investigate the issue and it could be resolved sooner. I've raised a fault ticket on your account and placed it on hold until the morning of 19/04/2019 so our faults team can check to see if your issue has been resolved.


You can view your fault ticket through this link

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