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router for Hub one

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router for Hub one

Hi there, I am looking for the best router to boost my wifi around the house.

Is there one I can use with my hub one? (rather than buy a new modem too). I would just be looking to turn the wifi off on the hub.

I have looked at a few and can't quite work out what is best. My house is large ish, lots of smart devices and wifi devices all running at the moment (shcool, working from home etc). Really need wifi to be able to handle the traffic.

Speed is 75mps plugged in so there should be plenty to go around!


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Re: router for Hub one

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Re: router for Hub one


I'll give you my perspective on this (which may or may not be much help !)

Any "decent" solution is going to be expensive (some hundreds of pounds) so the cost of the Plusnet Hub One is irrelevant.

There are strong supporters of Ubiquiti's product for this but you can spend quite a lot on it.

If I were going to buy something myself I might well punt for the BT Whole Home WiFi solution. I would probably also get a BT Smarthub 6 (second hand) to replace the Plusnet router.

What I actually have is a couple of Apple Airport Express (2012 version) units connected to my (not Plusnet) router and another access point elsewhere. This largely meets my needs but I ensure that key devices have cabled connections.

For the modest (now second hand) cost of the Airport express units they are excellent and I use their audio capabilities (no devices listening to me here).


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Re: router for Hub one

@Sm1980 wrote:

Hi there, I am looking for the best router to boost my wifi around the house.





Why not use some powerline devices to extend your home lan further round the house, with wifi access points connected at strategic points? Not too expensive and should work well.