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port forwarding hub 2

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port forwarding hub 2



Hoping someone can help me with my problem.


I have recently upgraded to the Hub 2 router and no matter what I try I am unable to configure it to allow Soulseek to work with the router.


Every time I get the message: 'IP: Port: 12380/tcp CLOSED. Your router and/or Soulseek client needs to be configured correctly.'


With the Hub One it worked swimmingly and I'm at my wits end trying to get it to work with the Hub 2. I hope someone can offer some pointers as to what I'm probably doing wrong.


Many thanks




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Re: port forwarding hub 2

@vikingbones3m3 - My guess is that you need to set a port forwarding rule for this Soulseek port. I have a webserver on my internal network and the following is how I've configured the port forwarding for it to get http and https connections. I'm assuming your case is similar and you replace the 2 ports I have with the 1 for Soulseek


Screenshot 2022-09-17 at 17.46.09.jpg