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lightning strike Stockport, Manchester

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lightning strike Stockport, Manchester

Had a lightning strike in stockport now router will not connect to broadband have reset all electrics then the box
Plusnet say internet fine in my area
Any suggestions please.
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Re: lightning strike Stockport, Manchester

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Re: lightning strike Stockport, Manchester

For starters -

Then -

Then -

You could then try a known to be good working microfilter directly in to the test port of your master socket and try to see if the phone has a dial tone. If there's a dial tone then plug the router back in.

Still no internet, then there's a good chance the router took a hit and is frazzled Sad

Might be worth asking your neighbours too, though doubt you'll get anyone at this time of night.

Should the router not work, I don't know that even if it's in warranty that PN will change it, but might be worth asking.

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Re: lightning strike Stockport, Manchester


Pay the workers more money? Wink

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Re: lightning strike Stockport, Manchester

Hi @martrayner41 


Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry to hear of your router woes.


If this is still an issue, could you drop me your username across via a DM and I'll be happy to take a look?


Best wishes