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iPhone Wifi connection issues to Plusnet Hub One

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iPhone Wifi connection issues to Plusnet Hub One

Been having connection issues for sometime on my Plusnet Hub One router with iPhones and iPads. My router is running software version, last updated 19/02/19.

Have followed some advise for renaming the 2.4 Ghz channel from the 5 Ghz channel and logging onto that, which did solve the issue for my iPad, but my iPhone has started to drop Wifi again and I've been getting some strange results on my phones Speedtest app when it's running slow, with 1mb download and 15mb upload on a 75mb FTTC connection that is very stable, restarting the phone seems to sort this speed issue for a bit.

I've read a few posts today pointing out it's a software issue with the Hub One and it doesn't sound like a solution is coming anytime soon, so is buying a replacement router is the best option? If so, what are people getting and is it easy to swap over?


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Re: iPhone Wifi connection issues to Plusnet Hub One

@Hop_Kat Welcome to the forums. Standard advice for problems on Apple devices that start 'misbehaving': totally power down, wait a couple of minutes, then restart as normal. It is amazing what that kind of soft reset can do.