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iMac won't connect to Plus One router

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iMac won't connect to Plus One router

I'm a long standing plus net fibre broadband user and have just been sent a new Hub One router which connects fine to all my devices except my iMac which keeps telling me to put in a WPA2 password and then tells me my password is invalid (it's not!)


I spent nearly an hour on the phone to plusnet support earlier this evening and they concluded that this was Apple's problem, not theirs!


I can't believe I'm the first person to experience this problem, has anyone found a workaround please?


i'm running Mac OS X El Capitan btw.

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Re: iMac won't connect to Plus One router

Have you tried splitting the 2.4 and 5 GHz wifi networks by changing the name of the latter ?



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Re: iMac won't connect to Plus One router

just to back up what @bill888 has posted, splitting the 2.4 / 5ghz networks is likely to resolve this.

It certainly did with the issue we had with MBPs
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Re: iMac won't connect to Plus One router

Did you solve the issue?  I am experiencing the same thing when I try connecting my MacBook to my daughter's plusnet router when I visit her.  All our phones, and windows pcs connect flawlessley, but the Mac just shakes the screen at me and says the key is invalid. But I'm typing the key correctly! SOOOOO frustrating. I even logged into the plusnet router via a windows pc (actually the same MacBook booted off my secondary windows partition). I changed the security settings and key and yet when I try connecting with these different credentials I still get the shaking screen and 'invalid key' error. My Mac just will not behave with PlusNet routers.