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iMac won't connect to Plus One router

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iMac won't connect to Plus One router

I'm a long standing plus net fibre broadband user and have just been sent a new Hub One router which connects fine to all my devices except my iMac which keeps telling me to put in a WPA2 password and then tells me my password is invalid (it's not!)


I spent nearly an hour on the phone to plusnet support earlier this evening and they concluded that this was Apple's problem, not theirs!


I can't believe I'm the first person to experience this problem, has anyone found a workaround please?


i'm running Mac OS X El Capitan btw.

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Re: iMac won't connect to Plus One router

Have you tried splitting the 2.4 and 5 GHz wifi networks by changing the name of the latter ?



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Re: iMac won't connect to Plus One router

just to back up what @bill888 has posted, splitting the 2.4 / 5ghz networks is likely to resolve this.

It certainly did with the issue we had with MBPs
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