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Wifi slows away from router!!

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Wifi slows away from router!!

I’ve recently had fibre unlimited installed.
The connection speed is great right next to the router, I’m getting 70mbps plus,
The problem is once you move away from the router the speed drops to virtually nothing. In the bed room right above the router it’s non existent.

The actual wifi signal is strong in the bedroom but for some reason the connection speed completely dies?Huh

Any ideas? Could it be a faulty router?Huh
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Re: Wifi slows away from router!!

Is this on the 2.5 or the 5Ghz?

Have you tried a network scan to see how many neighbors are on and pick a different channel?




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Re: Wifi slows away from router!!

Hey @nickwells1984.

Thanks for reaching out to us here. 

I'm sorry you've had some trouble with your connection as of late, as you've mentioned it's WiFi I'd suggest going ahead and downloading an app named "WiFi analsyer" from the Play/Apple store. This app will advise you on the best channels in your area with the least interference. Once you've got that info please follow these steps to split your router frequencies and channels. 



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