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Wifi reconnect fails for returning devices.

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Wifi reconnect fails for returning devices.

Hi i posted this last year in June  


two reply's at the time. Plusnet suggested a factory reset - no joy!

someone else said it was a known problem  thought to be related to dhcp  

6months on this is driving me mad having to re boot the router every time I start a laptop, switch on the wireless printer, or return home with the iPad.


is there any solution yet?



Hi all,


I’ve  been on plusnetnet for a week now and have an issue with devices reconnecting to WiFi. 

Everything is fine over wired ethernet

everything is fine over WiFi for permanently connected devices. 


The issue is with devices returning to the wireless network , for example laptops being started up and iPads returning to the house. 

When this happens the device won’t reconnect.  When I try to connect the device (select the network/SSID and enter the password) it fails  


the only recovery is to reboot the router  then everything is ok until another device needs to reconnect  


the router is Sagemcom 2704N, I think it’s referred to as hub zero


the firmware is 7.275.11_F2704N_Plusnet


has anyone else had this issue.? Any help appreciated  

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Re: Wifi reconnect fails for returning devices.


My advice is to go on to an auction site such as EBay where you can get a BT Smarthub 6 for very little money. 

These work on both ADSL and fibre. They are far superior to a Hub Zero

Setting instructions are here.

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Re: Wifi reconnect fails for returning devices.

Hi @Mickysmith


Could you please let me know how many devices you've got connected to the Hub Zero when this happens?


I suspect it may relate to this thread here.