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Wifi range is terrible

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Wifi range is terrible

I've been with PN for 5 months now and have had WiFi issues from day 1. The range is horrendous and I drops off on devices on a regular basis. The speed at the PN One hub seems fine, ( checked with wired device) but as soon as I you move away from it the speed drops down to a snails pace or a loose signal completely. I have the same number of devices on it as I did with my last provider, and never had any issues with speed or drop off. So 2 things, has anyone a solution eg.dodgy wifi, hit it with a hammer, new hub or new provider? And how much to cancel your contract? as its not worth the grief everyday from the family paying for something that does do it job!
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Re: Wifi range is terrible

@Rabsmostwanted  Welcome to the forum.

The best solution is to go onto an auction site such as EBay and spend little money on a BT Smarthub 6. Setting instructions are here.

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Re: Wifi range is terrible

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