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Wifi drops out on some devices

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Wifi drops out on some devices

I've been a Plusnet fibre customer for a few years now, never had a problem, but one has developed over the past few weeks. Every now and then one of our laptops loses wifi, while all other devices continue to work fine. The problem is solved only by restarting the laptop, or restarting the router. It's not a problem with the laptops, as we have three and all of them are affected, and all of these laptops work fine everywhere else. I'd be very grateful for any ideas or advice!  

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Re: Wifi drops out on some devices

Hi @HE_Pennypacker


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 WiFi is merely an optional alternate gateway to access the internet - a wired LAN (Ethernet) connection is always the primary connection method, and is the only one which can be guaranteed on both speed and stability. 

There are a large number of potential reasons for slow speeds and sometimes these are difficult to track down.

If this does not happen on Wired connections, then it's likely the problem lies between your router and your devices which we don't have visibility of.

Unfortunately due to the way WiFi works there are a lot of environmental factors which can affect the wireless signal.

Have you tried changing the wireless channels? If not, then please follow the steps here


Let us know how this goes,


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Re: Wifi drops out on some devices

Many thanks for the advice, I will try changing channels the next time the problem occurs. In the meanwhile, let me just clarify in case I didn't get the nature of the problem across accurately. So the problem is that three devices (e.g. laptop, tablet, phone) may be using the wifi at the same time, and one of them (it's always one of the laptops) loses internet connection while the others have no interruption. So it's not about slow speed and probably not about environmental factors (which I assume would affect all devices, not just one).

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Re: Wifi drops out on some devices

You could try this and assuming you're using a PN Hub One, click the following - - and select no under for the sync to 2.4GHz

Then add something like 5-GHz to the SSID

I'd also suggest adding the same to the wireless key

The above will then give you 2 separate wifi channels and clearly you'd need to reconnect to to this 'new' 5GHz one. Having said that, none of our devices use the 5GHz spectrum as we find it very unreliable.


The other thing is, assuming you hubs firmware is (bottom of every hub page) there is a known issue with certain devices. PN can push a newer version but they'd need to read your post first (as it's on a manual basis atm). It's due to be 'officially' released by the 2nd week of this month - if it goes to plan.....?

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Re: Wifi drops out on some devices

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