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WiFi issues (5GHz)

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WiFi issues (5GHz)



I have had a number of connection issues with Plusnet since joining in Jan, but since Sunday evening I have been unable to use the 5Ghz channel.


Following previous conversations with Plusnet, I have since changed the channels to 11 and 44, what seem to be the best based on my dense area. I've rebotted the router, switched channels (again) but nothing. I heard that there were issues with the 5Ghz channels from non-Plusnet sources, but I can't get through on live chat/ phone to speak to anyone.


My iPhone shows it's connected to the 5Ghz, but web pages 'hang' and fail to load. attempting via the laptop shows a secured connection, but no internet. It doesn't matter where I am in the house, I can't connect to the 5Ghz.


I've not used the community before - can anyone advise what the issue is and how I can get it resolved? I've seen there are other threads on here that seem to have the same issue - fixed by replacing the router or firmware updates, but was unsure if it is the exact same problem.



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Re: WiFi issues (5GHz)

Your 5 GHz issue may be the known problem which has afflicted 'some' customers since firmware on Hub One was last updated in March 2019.  I believe the 5 GHz wifi usually works for a day after starting up the hub and then eventually suffers from no internet connectivity even though there is a wifi connection.  Plusnet's current advice is to disable the 5 GHz wifi if you experience this issue. 

Only suggested solution is to buy your own 3rd party router such as a BT smart hub to resolve your disfunctional 5 GHz wifi.  Used examples can be found for as little as a tenner off eBay.  Instructions for setting up BT smart hub can be found on the Plusnet Router forum

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Re: WiFi issues (5GHz)

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Re: WiFi issues (5GHz)

I don’t understand why I should have to pay for a third-party used router. Surely Plusnet are breaching their contract by not providing suitable routers?

The 2.4Ghz is dropping and I can’t get hold of anyone on the phone. Is the next step to turn off 5Ghz completely to help the 2.4Ghz cope, or would that make no difference.

Such a frustrating experience. Appreciate that things are very difficult right now, but me and wife (a key worker) are struggling to work from home with such unreliable internet.

Do plusnet have employees on here, or is the only official route over the phone?
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Re: WiFi issues (5GHz)


You don't have to buy a second hand router, any ADSL/VDSL modem/router non ISP branded device can also be used.

 If you read the Plusnet supply contract I suspect that you will find that Plusnet are contracted to supply a broadband service to the master socket in your property. A 'free' router is included in the package but wireless performance is something that definitely won't be guaranteed.

Plusnet staff do come along from time to time and pick up some posts but they are thin on the ground because of the current crisis.

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