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WiFi Hub one very unresponsive or slow

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WiFi Hub one very unresponsive or slow


The issue we are facing is the WiFi keeps dropping to very unresponsive or unusable speeds throughout the day, meaning you can be browsing something one minute then even though you have full WiFi signal and over Ethernet the connection is fine nothing will load or come through until you either restart the box or wait several minutes.

I’ve WiFi anayalze every time normally and Change the channels to ones that are not being used in the area, I’ve split the WiFi up to 2.4 and 5, and I’ve also turned the 5ghz off completely all have not helped at all.

Like I said the speed and strength coming through to the router seems fine as over Ethernet is normally very reliable and fast but WiFi is incredibly poor and the reach of it is barely 3/4metres.
We are on our second WiFi hub from plusnet now as we had a replacement to try and solve this issue, which it has not.

Any help or advice would be great thanks
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Re: WiFi Hub one very unresponsive or slow

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