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Why is 5GHz so slow with my laptop?

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Why is 5GHz so slow with my laptop?

Have a Plusnet Hub One. Everything working fine, tv, hi-fi, tablets, phones, LAN connected desktop and wifi laptop vintage 2012. Bought new Gigabyte Aero 15 laptop. Download speed on wifi AND LAN ~1mbps. Found advice on this forum, renamed the 5GHz signal and stopped synchro with 2.4GHz signal. Now, when connected to the 5GHz wifi I still get 1mbps (back to the 1990s watching page elements load sequentially) but 2.4GHz is giving 31mbps. Is there a fault with the router?

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Re: Why is 5GHz so slow with my laptop?

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Re: Why is 5GHz so slow with my laptop?

Not likely to be the router as if it was all devices would be impacted the same.

I'd normally say the laptop itself, but it's also weird that its impacting LAN and 5Ghz wifi, but 2.4 is fine.

First thing I'd check is what other devices are using 5Ghz. Possible the 5Ghz is congested and needs channel changing, but other than that I'd have to assume it's a setting somewhere that's limiting the laptop throughput on certain connection types.

As for what I'm not sure, but rule out the above first and then go from there.
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Re: Why is 5GHz so slow with my laptop?

Useful advice. Tested it with a new Samsung A51 phone, got 22mpbs on download speed test on the Plusnet router 5GHz. But I got 31.6mpbs on 2.4GHz!. So, it's the Gigabyte laptop that has a problem talking to the router on 5GHz, but not 2.4GHz where it works really well. And it's not due to congestion, because I changed the 5GHz signal name and nothing in the house was logged on, other than the Gigabyte laptop. Could be the router, could be the laptop. Will not know until I find another router, and password, transmitting 5GHz.

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Re: Why is 5GHz so slow with my laptop?

Hey @tonyjgreen2-4,

Thanks for reaching out to us here and apologies for the delay in response.

From what you've said the assumptions you've made in your most recent post seem to be going down the right route here, should the issue of been with the router anything connect and running on the frequency would have felt it. You can of course use the 2.4gHz frequency should you find that works much better for you and you aren't seeing any issues on that one. 


Let us know how you get on with trying a different router,


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