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What does this mean on my router logs

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What does this mean on my router logs

Mar 17 19:16:54 miniupnpd[31932]: PCP MAP: added mapping UDP 6672->1******** 'PCP MAP be***************'
Mar 17 19:25:01 miniupnpd[31932]: Failed to remove PCP mapping internal port 6672, protocol UDP


*edit ... i think these are somthing to do with me connecting to GTA V Online .. ? maybe..

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Re: What does this mean on my router logs


It means a device on the network asked the router to temporarily some ports up on the firewall via the Universal Plug And Play Protocol. Once it had finished with opening the ports it asked the router to close them again. I'm guessing that this was GTA opening ports for multiplayer game or sync to server. It looks like fore some reason it failed to remove the firewall rule when requested.


According to Rockstar games support site GTA V uses port 6672 on UDP protocol.