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WfFi drops out and am then asked to renter password

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WfFi drops out and am then asked to renter password

Hi can anyone help.  Every couple of days the WiFi drops (cable connections okay) and when try to log back into Plusnet it asks for password again. Have to reboot the Modem then its okay, and doesn't ask for password. Any ideas? Is someone trying to hack into my modem?

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Re: WfFi drops out and am then asked to renter password

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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: WfFi drops out and am then asked to renter password

Hi @Cheese1, I'm sorry for the issues you're having with your WiFi.


I would advise separating your routers wireless frequencies, firstly to see if the issue still occurs and then if so, if it relates to one of the frequencies. To do this, please follow the steps provided here.



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 Lauren Barry
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Re: WfFi drops out and am then asked to renter password

I am having the same problem. Every day or so a device (iPhone, PC, TV - it could be any device) loses the connection and asks for the password to log back in.  This is definitely a wifi issue as other devices remain connected to the internet. I have tried the steps suggested but nothing seems to make any difference

WhenI tried separating 2.4 and 5Ghz bands all devices remained connected to the 2.4GHz.  I was unable to even connect my iPhone to the 5GHz band as the password was rejected (even though it was correct).  

I have only been with plusnet about a month and wish I had stayed with BT. Over a 2 year period using BT at the same address I have never had an issue like this.  Can I leave my contract with plusnet as they are not providing the service I am paying for?

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: WfFi drops out and am then asked to renter password

Hi @Boggy19,

Thanks for getting back in touch.

I realise the frustration of an inconsistent connection so apologies for the experience. If your devices are not accepting the password for the 5Ghz band and does not advise the password is incorrect it means either the device is not within a close enough range to get a consistent connection, or the device does not support the Wi-Fi protocols (this would generally only tend to happen on older devices).


The 5GHz frequency is intended for devices closer to the router, as it has a shorter range with a higher speed than that of 2.4 GHz. If your devices are all showing the 2.4 GHz frequency then (if possible) you may need to 'retrain' the devices to 'forget' that Wi-Fi frequency. The 5GHz frequency should be used where possible for all devices unless they are furthest away from the router.


If your 5GHz frequency keeps dropping whilst devices are in good range then this would suggest interference, perhaps from other routers in the area. If your devices catch a lot of Wi-Fi signals from the neighbourhood then this is a good indicator. You can use a good Wi-Fi analyser app to weed out the best channel your router should be operating on for each of the frequencies, as it will scan your area for all the routers and show what channels they are on (between 1-13 for 2.4GHz and higher for 5Ghz). You can then change the channel on your router that is not being used by other routers. Although using such an app isn't essential it helps you pick where your router would be best in terms of channels and saves a lot of time doing it via trial and error.


Once the wireless channel has been changed, I suggest trying it for between 3-4 hours to see if the issue persists before trying another channel.


I'd also suggest the following:


1) Connect relevant devices (i.e. TVs, games consoles, laptops or PCs) using an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi to see if there is any difference.
2) Troubleshoot your Wi-F
3) Connect your router to the test socket - use the spare ADSL microfilter that was included in the router box, if you still have it


If you still have your BT router you can also try using that to see if there is any difference to the 5 GHz experience.


Thanks - LF