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WIFi Connection problems after sleep/rest mode

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WIFi Connection problems after sleep/rest mode

I have just returned to Plusnet and have the fibre unlimited package with the Hub One.  It has been functioning well since install a few weeks ago.  But the last few days I have come to my PS4 which I usually leave in rest mode and It doesn't connect to the WIFI.  I am having to restart it at least a couple of times before it picks the WIFI network up.  Really annoying.  I would have thought this was something with the PS4 if I wasn't experiencing the same problems with my iMac.  After any break in activity when I come to go back on it it is taking ages to connect I am having to switch off WIFI and then switch it back on before it will connect.  Having similar issues with my Alexas so it is not just iscolated.  Therefore it must be something to do with the WIFI.  All these items are downstairs and near the router.  I do have a Billion router connected via ethernet cable acting as a wifi extender which may co inside with this happening.  Any suggestions?

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Re: WIFi Connection problems after sleep/rest mode

This is the adsl forum; your query relates to the ROUTER so is best asked in that thread.
Queries on fibre provision in the FIBRE thread.
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Re: WIFi Connection problems after sleep/rest mode

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Topic moved to more appropriate board.

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Re: WIFi Connection problems after sleep/rest mode

You could try separating the 2.4 and 5 GHz wifi by renaming the 5 GHz wireless SSID?


The PS4 is a dual band device.


If your billion router configured as a wireless access point is using same SSID as the Hub One, try renaming them to see if it makes any difference.  Then ensure your fixed devices only connect to Hub One or Billion only.

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