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WIFI network password security WARNING

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WIFI network password security WARNING

Hi All

Just a note to peeps to ensure there WIFI password is secure, meaning computer generated random and as long (up to 64 chars) as you can cope with typing into the stupid Iphone that obscures it as you type it.


The reason for the warning is in the last few days I tracked down my poor network performance to an adjacent Vodaphone broadband installation using a Huawei router (MAC 84:47:65:C3:31:89) that appeared to have successfully hacked my very simple password of only 8 characters.

Using LINSSID under Linux I was able to watch this router following me up and down the channels every time I changed to try and get away from it. It is very hard to prove but several days after changing to a secure password my network performance has improved dramatically (and the wretched thing has stopped following me around) where before I was experiencing severe latency and poor speed test results.

Assuming the Huawei router has the suspected security backdoor it is highly likely this has nothing to do with my near neighbor the Vodaphone customer but rather there router is being used by a 3rd party for nefarious purposes.

Conspiracy theories rule Yahhh


Tp-link W8960n on longgggggggg line!
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