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WIFI Issues - Plusnet Hub One

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WIFI Issues - Plusnet Hub One

Hello all,


First time poster - looking for a little help at a time when Plusnet aren't taking support calls and I'm tearing my hair out trying to work from home!!


I have been a Fibre unlimited customer for about 3 years. The router I have is made by Sagecom.

The wifi is contantly dropping out. I say Wifi becuase when I'm connected to the router by a cable it seems generally fine - so I'm thinking this could be more Wifi than broadband.

The router is connected to main socket

Dial Tone seems fine

I have - following a previous call to PLusnet - set up a separate 5GHZ Wifi network and have static devices connected to it

Router is set to auto select the Wifi channel - however I have tried manually selecting 1/6/11 etc which didn;t seem to make much difference

Carried out a hard boot a couple of weeks ago  (pulled the power out for a couple of mins) - this seemed to help (might be coincidence) for a number of days but hasn't worked as well when i've tried again since

Any support / guidance would be greatly appreciated. 


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Registered: ‎30-04-2020

Re: WIFI Issues - Plusnet Hub One

I have exactly the same issue and it's driving me mad too!


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Re: WIFI Issues - Plusnet Hub One

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