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WD MyCloud NAS not recognised

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WD MyCloud NAS not recognised

New Plusnet customer. 

Plugged my WD Mycloud NAS into one of the Ethernet ports in back of Plusnet Hub One router. Nothing. In previous Virgin router the NAS device is automatically read and I can access immediately. 

I phoned the Plusnet customer service and they informed me it is not compatible. I assume the WD MyCloud NAS is a very popular NAS device and am surprised by this.

Has anybody out there had connection problems with WD MyCloud device and Plusnet Hub One Router?



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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: WD MyCloud NAS not recognised

Hi @Mark25 


Sorry you seem to be having issues with your NAS device. 


I'm a little surprised that it was auto recognised by your previous ISP, in my experience NAS devices need to be set up manually - but please correct me if this one is different as I am in no way claiming to know all about the specifics of your device. 


Should a NAS device work on our connection? Theoretically I can see no reason as to why the answer to this would be anything but "yes". 


I'm afraid our 1st line tech support agents are not trained in offing support on setting up 3rd party devices, this would class as being inside your home network and (with the greatest of respect) is down to the user to set up. 


I hope that one of our forum regulars (or other staff members (looking at you here @Gandalf)) might have more information on this particular devices and its incorporation within a Plusnet home network. 


I'll ask about for you. 


Watch this space... 

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Re: WD MyCloud NAS not recognised

Is the NAS set to retrieve it's IP assignment etc. over DHCP or have you statically assigned some of the settings in the past? Could be your Virgin router was on a different range.

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Re: WD MyCloud NAS not recognised

From a quick Google the default subnet on Virgin superhub is You will need to change the IP address on the NAS box.

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Re: WD MyCloud NAS not recognised

I have a WD MyCloud NAS and it worked fine with PN and the Hub 1, so does sound like configuration is the issue.
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Re: WD MyCloud NAS not recognised

Try a factory reset. See for an example.

Then start again.

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Re: WD MyCloud NAS not recognised

I run a WD MyCloudMirror. Have you downloaded the "WD Access" software. Once installed it will check your network searching for any WD device. From the systray icon you can select settings and that will take you to the web interface of any device it has found. You can also map devices using the app.

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Re: WD MyCloud NAS not recognised



It is possible to change the DHCP range for the Hub One to


Try that and the Hub One will be in the same address range as the Virgin router.


I've a WD MyCloud NAS and while it isn't the worlds best NAS it works OK. I don't currently use a Hub One but can't see why it wouldn't work.


To find the WD MyCloud's IP address try "Fing"

I am the satisfied customer....