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Vigor 120 ISP info

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Vigor 120 ISP info


I realize this is an obsolete product, but maybe you can tell what I am doing wrong.

I just bought the Annex A modem V2, and updated its firmware to version 3.7.2

However, when I enter the "PPPoE / PPPoA Client Mode" screen, I don't see the area "ISP Access Setup" on the right hand side. Instead, I see "MAC address Setting" like in picture. In addition, the "PPPoE Pass-through" button can't be unchecked. Lastly, I reset the modem (through pin).

Please advise how to enter my ISP info, as I will be hooking the vigor 120 to a dd-wrt modem, and I just want the vigor to get a WAN IP from ISP.


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Re: Vigor 120 ISP info

I freely admit to knowing nothing about this modem but a quick search tells me that it is an ADSL device. As I see that you are posting this on the Fibre board I can only assume that you either posted on the wrong board or you're wasting your time trying to get it to work.

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Re: Vigor 120 ISP info

Like @Baldrick1 I'm not familiar with the unit but AFAIK it's just a modem. You will need to connect it to a router configure the PPPoE connection on the router.

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Re: Vigor 120 ISP info

Moderator's note by Dick (Strat): Topic moved to a more appropriate board.

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