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VPN and router setup issue

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VPN and router setup issue

Hi all wonder if you can help.
I'm trying to VPN my router with an open reach modem and a net gear wnr 3500L v2. Purchased from canada.Being rubbish with IP addresses I've paid a professional computer shop to set the router up. He's set it up using his BT line (as a BT customer) and said that's all that's needed. I've got DSL light on the open reach but cannot get the handshake from the open reach modem to the router although the IP has been changed on the router so it doesn't go err.
I've also tried changing the & my current Plusnet password - any ideas guys?

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Re: VPN and router setup issue

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Re: VPN and router setup issue

I think you are saying you have no internet access at all via your Netgear router?

Your reference to IP addresses is not particularly clear.


Referring to the user manual for the WNR3500LV2


Can you upload an image of the Basic->Internet page (Blank out any usernames and passwords) from your router?


'Internet Service Provider Encapsulation' should be set to PPPoE.

Enter your Plusnet account (eg. and password into the corresponding 'Login' and 'Password' boxes.

'Internet IP Address' must be set to 'Get Dynamically from ISP'.

'Domain Name Server (DNS) Address' must be set to 'Get Dynamically from ISP'.

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Re: VPN and router setup issue

Thanks for your replys s guys. Got to the bottom of this will try and set up again tomorrow.Plusnet had my hub one router assigned via serial number to someone else's account my username was conflicting I believe.
Thanks again