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Using a third party router

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Using a third party router

I currently have Plusnet Fibre Unlimited, where the service is fine. Earlier on in the year I experienced awful issues with my modem and decided to switch to BT Hub 6. This has been perfect apart from the range.


Currently the RJ66 cable from the socket plugs straight into BT Hub 6. Can I use a new HUAWEI WiFi WS5200 in place of the BT hub or would I have to bridge it?

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Re: Using a third party router

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Re: Using a third party router


This is a router only and needs a modem to work. Unfortunately neither Plusnet's hubs or a Smarthub 6 work as a bridge modem. You can pick up a Huawei HG612 quite cheaply from the likes of Ebay. You need Model 3B.


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Re: Using a third party router

You have to keep the BT smart hub for broadband connection and as main 'router'.


I believe the WS5200 supports normal 'router', 'bridge', and 'repeater' modes.


You can probably put the WS5200 is put it into 'bridge' (dumb access point) mode and wire it to the BT smart hub, so the WS5200 can serve wifi.   If WS5200 is in same location as smart hub, then you will probably wish to disable the wifi on smart hub.


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