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Using 2 Plusnet Hub ones with a switch.

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Using 2 Plusnet Hub ones with a switch.

I have 2 Hub ones and would like to use one to have another wifi signal in the attic as the original router is on the ground floor and barely reached the office. 


I currently run a powerline adapter to a switch in the attic and this is then to all my devices. I would like to put the second router so i can use the wifi on my phone and tablets. 

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Re: Using 2 Plusnet Hub ones with a switch.

I'm not an expert, but using other hubs have a couple working that way. First need to go into settings for the one you want to use as a wireless access point and change its IP address but within the range set on the hub. Then turn off the DHCP which seems to be under Advanced Settings, IP address, tick the box to turn off.

I found setting the same WiFi log in password on each access point the same seemed to allow roaming between a bit smoother.