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Unusable internet on one PC

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Unusable internet on one PC

Hello, I've just received my Plusnet Hub 2. I have three PCs in close proximity to one another. One work, one media, and one laptop to work on the move. All three are connected to the 5Ghz band. One of the 3 has virtually unusably slow internet. I've run a speed test through the router and the slow PC is (11ms ping, 2mb down, 0mb up). The laptop at the same time (17ms ping, 73 down, 18mb up). Tests were within a few seconds of eachother.


Any ideas why one machine would be so unusable? i thought it may be signal clash between 2ghz and 5ghz, which was a problem with our old connection. But from research on here, you can't split the signals without buying and additional booster?

All machines updated, all working perfectly before the new router arrived.


Any help appreciated.


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Re: Unusable internet on one PC

@flat155marest  Welcome to the Community forums.

Try logging in to the hub, go to the Advanced/Wireless settings and switch off the 5 GHz band. See how well they work on that band.

Which bands did you previously use?

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