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Turning router off for an extended period.

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Turning router off for an extended period.

I am well aware of the hazards of power cycling a router too often and the effects on the DLM. When going away for a long break I have always left my router switched on (it's very stable and never normally drops sync), but after the lightning storms of a couple of weeks ago, when my router almost got fried and refused to reconnect for a while, I am thinking that leaving it on when away might be unwise.

Are there any untoward effects to be expected by turning it off for a week or ten days? Does the DLM just sense a no-data or no-sync condition and ignore it, or is it constantly looking for something on my end and making assumptions about a potentially faulty line?

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Re: Turning router off for an extended period.

as long as you disconnect gracefully from the routers interface before turning the power off it should be fine.

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Re: Turning router off for an extended period.

I agree with @dvorak

In addition, I don't think DLM will intervene over a connection drop now and again. It generally only intervenes if there's frequent drops.

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Re: Turning router off for an extended period.

My router has often been off for a week or two, with no ill effects.

Back in the vanilla ADSL days, I'd been stuck on a 9dB target margin for months after a line fault. Came back after two weeks away and it was back to the normal 6dB.  Smiley

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Re: Turning router off for an extended period.

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Re: Turning router off for an extended period.

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