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Turning a Hub Zero into an Access Point

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Turning a Hub Zero into an Access Point

There must be many Plusnet Hub Zero (Sagecom 2704n) modem/routers now collecting dust as people either upgrade to fibre or upgrade an old two box fibre connection to a Hub One. Whilst the single band wireless performance is mediocre these can be used as a Wireless Access Point (WAP) and be of use as both a wireless extender and/or an Ethernet Switch, which will enable up to three Ethernet enabled devices to be connected to a single Ethernet cable. In today's connected home this could be of use to many.

I know that this subject has been covered in the past but information tends to be buried in posts. Mods may wish to consider whether the following is suitable material to be made a sticky.

  1. Disconnect a computer from the Internet.
  2. Connect the Hub Zero directly to the computer, preferably using an Ethernet cable.
  3. Enter the following into the address field (not search if you have a separate search box) //
  4. Select Advanced Settings.
  5. Enter the Admin password and Log in.
  6. Accept the warning
  7. Select Management
  8. If set to Fibre change to ADSL. Router will reboot. This should convert the WAN port back into a fourth LAN port. Leave it a few minutes to reboot.
  9. Enter the following into the browser address field: //
  10. Re-enter the Password. This should get you into the Sagemcom F@ST settings.
  11. Select Advanced Setup
  12. Select LAN
  13. Change IP Address to 168.1.60 This will be the fixed IP address of the WAP. If this address is already in use then select another in the fixed range.
  14. Click Disable DCHP Server button
  15. Click Apply/Save
  16. Note that because you have changed the IP address the computer will lose contact with the router at the original address.
  17. To check that you are back in contact with your WAP enter the new IP address of into the address field of your browser.

You should now have a usable WAP. You can connect this to your router using an Ethernet cable between the yellow Ethernet LAN sockets at both the router and this WAP. You will then have three Ethernet ports plus another separate 2.4GHz wireless channel at the remote location for the cost of a length of cable.

Hub Zero 2.png


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Re: Turning a Hub Zero into an Access Point

Be aware that a Hub Zero has 4 fast ethernet ports (100Mbit) whilst a Hub One has 4 Gbit ports (1,000Mbit).

This won't affect the types of connections you can make, but could limit the speeds over ethernet in high bandwidth applications.

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Re: Turning a Hub Zero into an Access Point

Corrections to my earlier post

Too late to edit my original I have noticed the following:

Step 3. Enter this address in the search field of your Internet browser.

Step 13. The IP address should be set to as shown in the screenshot.

I don’t know if a kind Mod could incorporate these corrections for me?