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Thoughts on Hub one router - very positive

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Registered: ‎25-01-2019

Thoughts on Hub one router - very positive

Just thought I'd give my thoughts on the Hub One router now its finally arrived.

I'm pretty impressed so far actually.

(My previous router is a Netgear D6000 dual band 300/867)

Browsing (via ethernet) is significantly snappier.

As regards  5g no issues, and seems to give a significantly stronger signal (I can browse my DLNA server in my bedroom which I couldn't previously and had to reconnect to 2.4 to stop disconnects)

All this with the standard firmware

Config changes - set IP of roter to

Seperated 5g and 2.4 bands so I can select indiiidually

Renamed Access Point Names

As I said so far so good