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Thinking of purchasing new router

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Thinking of purchasing new router



I've been thinking about it for a while now and think I could be looking at changing my router.

Recently bought a Hikvision NVR which is attached to my LAN. 

The NVR than has POE ports for the cameras which gives different subnet IP address range for cameras (example, router has gives NVR NIC physical address of but NVR then gives cameras IP range of onwards).  So from my LAN the actual cameras are inaccessible and to change any camera settings I can't directly get to their web interface through IP.  From what I've read I can resolve this by setting up a static IP route rule but PlusNet router does not seem to support this.

So my main aim of new router would be to support this function.

Other features for a new router I would like are:

  • Looking at adding a HP MicroServer in the future so would need a router than provides safe and reliable remote access to this.
  • Supports IPTV usage.
  • Needs at least 4 LAN ports.
  • WIFI is not required as I have wireless access points around the house.
  • Rack mountable (not critical as I could fabricate a rack mount bracket).

Also just to note I am on FTTC and I am not adverse to going down the seperate modem and router option if it would out cheaper or more reliable.


Any advice much appreciated.

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Re: Thinking of purchasing new router

Hi Simon.

Welcome to the forums.

I used to have a HP Microserver before it died. Nice bit of kit that was. Ah RAID 5 as well. Embarrassed

I can't comment on routers as I don't know what is out there now, but if you want remote desktop access I would ask PlusNet for a static IP which you need to pay a one off £5 charge for.

If you have a domain like I do, I would create a A record pointing to the static IP address. I had mine at

Then you need to open port 3389 on the router, unless you want to use a custom port (like I did) .. so you have to do number, obviously the latter being the number of the port you open on the router.

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Re: Thinking of purchasing new router


At the risk of sounding like a Draytek salesman, I've been very pleased with my Draytek.

I have a 2860 and there are various versions which include models without WiFi. They tend to be cheap second hand as most people want WiFi.

There is also a (slightly rubbish but usable) rack mount kit for the 28xx series.

It can take an inbound VPN connection and cope with multiple subnets and control routing between them.


I am the satisfied customer....