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Technicolor TG582n and Apple Airport Express

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Registered: ‎09-02-2008

Technicolor TG582n and Apple Airport Express

I'm having issues with having 2 x Airport Express plugged into my switch which in turn is plugged into my router. I have turned the wireless off on the Technicolor and the Airports are setting up with identical SSID and passwords. They can't see each other's wireless range (1 is in the garden office) but if I sit in the middle of the house my devices see both. The problem I have is that the wireless speeds grind to a halt sometimes whilst the wired connection can still be getting 40mbps speeds. Sometimes a restart of router works and other times I restart the Airports Express'. So far it is not stable. I have tried the following

1. Airports in DHCP mode and static
2. DNS servers set to googles and
3. Every channel and even used automatic mode.

I have even removed everything to discover even the routers wifi is a bit flaky