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Technicolor TG582n - WIFI Disables without action

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Registered: ‎20-04-2017

Technicolor TG582n - WIFI Disables without action

My mum (also user) has a TG582n that shes had since joining.


Recently she's been telling me her Wifi printer isn't connected as she can't print.  Initially thought it was a printer issue and reinstalled software.  Tried to connect the printer to router and it couldn't see AP.

Checked the router & WIFI was disabled.  Turned it back on and all was gravy.

This has now happened a few (<10, so far) times, and each time I logon to the router and WIFI is disabled.

Not sure if there is a router reboot that lines up with this - couldn't find anything conclusive in the logs.

Has anyone hear of this?

As far as WIFI devices in the house theres only a Kindle, a Firestick, an iPhone and the printer, (plus transient devices - mostly phones when family visit).  I don't think that the WIFI network is saturated and there has never been an issue before.

I've run a channel scan in the house, and the neighbours are on different channels so no interference from that - though I don't imaging that would cause the WIFI to disable on the router by itself.

No contact with as yet - thought I'd check here first...