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TP-Link router setup

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TP-Link router setup

We've been having problems with our internet and one of the tests was to try a different router. I have a tp-link router here but i'm having a lot of struggles with setting it up, as i have a mac air with no ethernet port so have to configure it wirelessly, and then it comes up with a load of settings i need to put in to link it with plusnet but i have no idea what settings to put in as it just says from your ISP. Help please?

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Re: TP-Link router setup

Apart from your user id and password the settings required for PlusNet can be found here



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Re: TP-Link router setup

Setting up TP-Link is quit simple just follow the instruction given below:-

Process :- Setup TP-Link router

1.By using Ethernet cable Connect your modem to your computer.
2.Open your browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari) and
type in the address bar
3.A window will prompt asking for a Username and Password. The default username and
password for this modem is admin.

tp link default.jpg

4. Click on Quick Start and then Run Wizard.
5. click next
6. Select the Time Zone as shown below and hit Next
7. Select PPPoE/PPPoA and hit Next.
8. After you setup please Save all the settings and reboot your Tp-link router.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: TP-Link router setup

Thanks for your post @amberb998.


Whilst both the other responses are spot on, @varonik's instructions do look to be more device specific and so I'd recommend giving them a go.


Please let us know how you get on.

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Re: TP-Link router setup


If you can get past the WiFi set up stage with the TP link, the rest should be OK on WiFi.

Often routers come with a default SSID and no encryption.

You don't need the ISP set up to connect to the router by WiFi.


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